Why Danson Sales?

The stereotype of an estate agent is not a good one lets be honest. Judging everyone though is a little presumptuous. We’re different, but then we would say that wouldn’t we?

How can you be sure? Because of our unique services that other agents won’t dare match.

If you are selling a property, unlike almost everyone else locally, we don’t feel the need to tie you into a lengthy contract full of clauses, exclusivity periods, notice periods and loads of other red tape. That’s because we’re so confident we’ll impress and deliver results that we don’t feel we need to. Who does that lengthy contract really benefit, the other estate agent or you the customer? Not you that’s for sure.

Most agents locally are very good, but you won’t know until you use them, and once signed up if things aren’t to your liking you’re stuck.

No-one likes an unhappy customer. If you are happy great, so are we, but if you aren’t you can walk away without cost or tie-in. A free trial as it were. The option to change your mind, not much to ask is it?

As a result, without you locked in for weeks on end as is the norm, we have to be pro-active and go the extra mile to sell your property, not just sit back and wait for someone to buy it. You’ll get the regular feedback you deserve and a bit more care and attention with no corner-cutting.

Quality of work gets you quality results. That's why we also include professional photography for all sales properties as standard, FREE! Paid for by us, as a thank you for you putting your faith in us, but crucially, to make your property look the best it can possibly look in order to maximise enquiries and viewing numbers.

And finally, you'll also be dealing directly with the owner of the business, what could be more re-assuring than that?

For all sales enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch directly on info@dansonpropertyservices.com 

Why Danson Lettings?

If you are a landlord we won’t make assumptions about what services you may or may not require, we’ll ask what is important to you, and tailor a bespoke package to suit your needs.

There is no “one size fits all” approach with us.

We’re wise enough to recognise that some landlords are very experienced and have a certain way they prefer to do things, like meeting your tenant in advance for example. We’re happy to co-ordinate whatever it may be. It’s those little touches that can make all the difference, to you and your tenant.

Alternatively, some landlords don’t want to do anything, in which case our in-house property management will probably be beneficial to you.

As an independent company our management services are fairly unique. You’ll be dealing directly with the owners of the business at our office in Welling, and so will your tenant. No off-site head office or faceless entities. We find this is reassuring for your tenant, as they know they have one point of contact, and somewhere they can meet us in person if there were ever a problem.

With many agencies in Welling either not doing lettings, or doing so via a “Head Office” out of area, having someone located in Welling to cater for you, your tenant, and property maintenance, shouldn’t be underestimated.  

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